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Company Profile

eTurboTouch’s touch solutions and experiences has been focusing on the development, manufacturing and sales of mid to large size (7”~27”) of high-end touch sensors, controllers, and drivers / firmware. The company has brought together outstanding talents with core technologies from worldwide and has formed a professional team in the industry. In addition, many worldwide Tier one company from PC, POS and Kiosk industries have full confidence in eTurboTouch’s future outlook, and have team up with eTT to develop more high-end touch technology to the market. With its dedication in constantly launching creative services and building marketing channels across the globe, eTurboTouch has demonstrated its leadership in this industry.
  1. eTurboTouch provides a full range of touch panels for more and more applications such as Industrial Automation, Medical Equipment, ATM, Kiosks, Gaming, Vending, POS(Point-of-Sales), consumer electronics, tablet PC, iPad like, All-in-one PC, Ultrabook, etc. All the solutions provide the hardware and software services. All products can be efficiently and quickly to spread in the globe marketing and become your right contributive partner.
  2. eTurboTouch developed the world’s most advanced Technology including multi-touch solutions, which are AMR (Analog Matrix Real Touch), PCT(Projectived Capacitive Touch), DCM (Digital Cap. Multi-touch), and single touch solutions, which are film free technology (Capacitive II), it also has passed the evaluation of the Industrial Development Bureau in Taiwan for the Leading New Product Development and Guidance Plan, the technology of 5-wire resistive touch panels and are capable to provide the same client both capacitive and resistive technology solutions. All product materials fit in the ROHS. eTurbotouch’s multi-touch solutions (AMR), and single touch solutions (6 wires) have gained Microsoft Window 7 WHQL approval.
  3. eTurboTouch’s patented Silver Carbon Process can greatly narrow the touch panel border width and effectively enhance touch panel’s linear function for making touch instruction more precise. Also, it can simplify the touch panel manufacturing process yield rate, efficiently and quality. This technology has won orders from many international top-ranking customers for eTurboTouch.
  4. eTurboTouch has achieved remarkable accomplishment in acquiring patents. Its patents (more than 96 items) for high-end technologies and manufacturing process equal to an economic value of US$20 million.
  1. After integrating the R&D capabilities of its technology team, which are 25 ﹪of all employee and accumulate many years experience, The stronger technical support is eTurbotouch’s advantage.
  2. eTurboTouch can provide the most effective customized service. Normally it takes couple weeks for most touch panel providers to confirm the customer requirements and complete samples. To save clients time-cost, eTurboTouch innovated in making the service promise of "one day for mapping, one week for screen manufacturing, and one month for completing samples" starting from when clients confirm requirements. It can satisfy clients” needs on both customization and time.
  3. 3. eTurboTouch provides clients and also an exemplification of eTurboTouch’s unchanging responsible attitude and insistence on quality.
  4. eTurboTouch has obtained QC08000 certification, ISO 14001 certification, and ISO 9001 certification.

eTurboTouch has won orders from many international top-ranking customers. To fulfill the responsibility and policy of "customer satisfaction", eTurboTouch has deployed comprehensive marketing channels and technical service centers in the US, Europe, Asia including the great China.


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