Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about eTurboTouch.
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What is the difference among eTurboTouch TR-6000 and others manufacturers’ 4-wire resistive touch panels?

Answer: The TR-6000 is one of eTurboTouch’s globally patented products. The TR-6000 is more stable and has greater durability than ordinary resistive touch panels in the execution of all functions including precision, time of response and single-touch rate.

As for resistive and capacitive touch screens, which one has better transmittance?

Answer: Capacitive touch panels use pure glass technology and have a maximum transmittance of 93o/o. Resistive products use ITO film technology on ITO glass, so the transmittance is lower.

What are the sizes of eTurboTouch touch panels?

Answer: The general sizes of touch panels range from 3.5" ~ 24". Yet, we also provide larger sizes according to customer requirements.

Some touch panels look bright and some are fuzzy, why?

Answer: This is due to the use of different materials. A bright touch panel looks like a mirror, yet it is easier to hurt the user’s eyes after a long time. Fuzzy touch panels look blurred, yet are more suitable for longer usage times.

What components do I need for operating the sensor normally if I buy a touch panel? Driver or others?

Answer: Normally data will be sent to your computer through the corresponding controller. Certainly, you will need the proper software for operating the sensor. For example, you will need the Win 98 version driver for your Win 98 operating system.

Does eTurboTouch have a driver for Win 98 or Windows 2000?

Answer: Yes, besides Win98 and Windows 2000, eTurboTouch also offers drivers for NT, MS-DOS and Linux operating systems

Can I use a controller from other manufacturers to control eTurboTouch touch panels? Does it

Answer: If you use the pin to pin compatible method for eTurboTouch T4, it is OK. But for TR-6000, you have to use the eTurboTouch controller.

What should I do if I cannot get the correct position while touching the sensor after finishing the calibration process?

Answer: eTurboTouch driver offers a 25-point calibration to solve this problem. Please execute this function.

If I need a sensor with a narrow boarder on four sides, how small can eTurboTouch touch panel’s boarder width be?

Answer: eTurboTouch’s patented Silver Carbon Process can greatly decrease border width and effectively enhance touch panel’s linear function for making touch instructions more precise.

What are the white circle dots aligned orderly on the touch panel?

Answer: The white circle dots are called "Dot Spacers" which are used to isolate the ITO film and ITO glass. The electricity will not be produced if you do not touch it. When you touch the sensor, the electricity will be conducted through the contact between the ITO film and the glass. The value of the X and Y axis will be calculated at the same time.

If I install and use a touch panel, does my mouse still work? Can I use them at the same time?

Answer: Both mouse and touch panel can co-exist. However, we’d like to suggest that you avoid operating them at the same time.

Does the touch screen consume a lot of electricity?

Answer: If you do not touch the sensor, then the sensor is on stand-by and the power consumption is low. Only when you touch the sensor, will larger electric current be produced.

Where can I get the driver for the eTurboTouch sensor?

Answer: Please visit or contact the sales department or engineering department of eTurboTouch.

Why do I need to calibrate the sensor after installation?

Answer: To make sure the touch panel and controller can work properly and correctly after finishing the installation.

If any problem happens while installing the driver, whom should I contact?

Answer: Please call +886-3-462-3889 to contact the Customer Service Center of eTurboTouch

What object can I use to clean the touch panel without damaging it?

Answer: A soft cloth is OK. If you find any stain on the touch panel, please use cleansing liquid to clean it. Do not use chemical liquid with strong acid or strong base.

What kind of touch screen is the best?

Answer: Capacitive touch panels have the features of scratch resistance, high and low temperature tolerance, fire resistance and are waterproof, and in terms of technology are higher than resistive touch panels. Yet, there is no difference in being good or bad. Just choose the one that suits your applications and environment.

Where can I buy eTurboTouch touch screens?

Answer: Please contact the sales department of eTurboTouch.